Fitzwilliam Electrical

Waste Water Treatment​

With an increased plant size and additional workload, our client needed to revamp his wastewater treatment to meet Christchurch City Council requirements.

It is very important to remember that dumping costs after 4pm (non-peak) are substantially cheaper per cubic meter than during peak periods. With this in mind, a new dosing and holding tanks were installed. Control of the system was a Allen Bradley 1400 processor with inbuilt real time clock and online programming with a Jumo Aquis 500 PH controller and sensor providing accurate readings of the waste water PH.

A flow meter was installed and readings sent to the BMS. With greater control and more detailed information, our client has made substantial savings. Ongoing regulation in this area has resulted in a range of companies seeking help with their wastewater treatment. If you are upgrading or putting in a new installations, we are more than happy to quote and give you the benefit of our expertise in this area.