Fitzwilliam Electrical

Loadcell upgrade for Lab​

Our clients loadcell testing machine which was a vital piece of equipment failed, and with no backup, they asked if we could help. Dealing with old technology brings its own challenges, from translating old computer code, transferring data to the new computer and integrating the whole package so it meets or exceeds the clients expectations.

We chose to run a standalone PC with its own network card running FactoryTalk ME with a single user licence and with a limit of 15 pages, this is a very well priced product for projects of limited size. We installed a bridge controller to analog converter for the loadcell and sent this data to a micrologix controller via ethernet to the PC and third party software for serial data to be collected for data logging.

With the accuracy of 2mm per minute required to meet the test standards the old DC drive was maintained with an analog signal input provided by the micrologix. This also takes care of all the math calculations for converting load from Kg to newtons and KPA, the rotational speed measurements, and conversion of string to integer. We allowed two weeks to get this system up and running from scratch and the results have been excellent.

By spending time with the client and making sure we fully understand the process we were able to get this vital piece of testing equipment up and running on time and on budget.